EARIMA Leadership and Administration

  1. Since its inception the secretariat of ERAIMA has been hosted at the Directorate of research, University of Dar es Salaam, with the Director of Research as the Chairman of the Interim Steering Committee. However, according to the constitution the leadership positions are rotational by country and institution.
  1. At its consultative meeting held in Arusha in August 2014, a new Interim Steering Committee was elected and Prof Eli Katunguka of Kyambogo University in Uganda was elected as the new Chairman. The Director of Research UDSM, Prof R.Y.M. Kangalawe, was elected as Co-Chairman.
  1. During the consultative meeting in Arusha, it was approved that there should be a full time paid EARIMA administrator at UDSM, where the Secretariat is based. Meanwhile, Dr. Edwinus Lyaya is the current EARIMA administrator.
  1. The consultative meeting in Arusha approved that EARIMA be officially registered in Tanzania, and its bank account be opened in Tanzania.





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